The PT7 Series vane pump was designed after the PT6 Series and introduced for two primary reasons: to improve the pressure capabilities & to reduce the noise signature of the product. While the PT6 Series performed well and continues to be the product of choice for many customers, the PT7 Series improves performance even further. These units are available with both SAE & ISO mounting flanges, and some key application for these products include:
-       Injection Molding
-       Hydraulic Presses
-       Railway Applications
-       Garbage Trucks
-       Winches
-       Cranes
The PT6 Series vane pumps(with the exception of the PT6 “E” series cartridges) are based on a 10-vane design. The PT7 Series cartridge kits are based on a 12-vane design. The increased number of vanes reduces the noise generated by the unit, and the PT7 Series pumps compete directly with the Vickers VMQ Series vane pumps and the higher pressure applications they serve.
The advantage of a high-pressure vane pump is that it extends into the lower performance range of a variable displacement piston pump, and it does so at a much lower cost. External gear pumps are another competitor in this market segment, but the vane pump has a higher efficiency over the life of the product; the external gear pump’s efficiency is higher than a vane pump in the beginning, but consistently depreciates over time while a vane pump remains constant.
In general, a vane pump is less expensive than a piston pump alternative and much quieter than its external gear pump challenger. Depending on the demands of the application, it can fulfill the needs of the application at a cost-effective price.