Industrial Vane Pumps are designed to run at constant speeds, commonly for indoor use where noise levels are an issue, and driven by an electric motor at 1800 RPM. These pumps are generally quieter than their mobile counterparts and the cartridge kits are based on a "solid-pin" design.
Industrial Vane Pumps

Mobile Vane Pumps are designed to operate in low RPM conditions, typically starting around the 600 RPM threshold, and driven by a gas or diesel engine. They are commonly installed on outdoor equipment like: refuse equipment, concrete mixers, etc where noise is not a significant concern. The mobile cartridge kits consist of a "thru-pin" design.
Mobile Vane Pumps

While the Cartridge Kits are interchangeable between industrial & mobile units, their internal parts are not interchangeable due to differences in the internal vanes & pins. Mobile units are slightly louder and slightly less efficient than the same product in the industrial version. Cam rings are the same for both industrial & mobile cartridge kits, and shafts are also interchangeable. Pressure ratings are identical for both industrial & mobile product lines.