1) Clean bore in the shaft end cover with a non-petroleum based degreaser.

2) Coat the outer edge of the shaft seal with Permatex Aviation Form-A-Gasket #3 or


3) With the metal side of the seal up, press it into the mounting flange until flush, using an

arbor press and plug in the tool list, and wipe off excess sealant.

4) Place shaft end cover in a vise with pilot facing down.

5) Place thrust plate onto bearings or over bushings.

6) Lightly coat with grease both the seal insertion tool (see tool list) and gearshaft.

7) Slide sleeve partially up through the shaft seal from the pilot side of shaft end cover.

8) Slide gearshaft into sleeve and push down gently until gear contacts thrust plate.

9) Remove sleeve from end of gearshaft.

Tool list

Series Insertion Tool Seal Insertion Plug

M124 Q-1956-5 1 ⅝” DIA X 2” BAR

M257 M5000 M5151 Q-1956-3 2 ½” DIA X 2” BAR

M360 M7500 Q-1956-2 2 ½” DIA X 2” BAR

M2100 M3000 Q-1956-4 1 ¾” DIA X 2” BAR

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