Installation Instructions

Air-Shift 997-00971A

Prepare work area by removing all foreign particles from surfaces.  Hands, rags, tools, and work area should be free of dirt and grease from previous jobs.

Prepare Valve for Installation

  1. Remove snap ring and washer from end of valve spool.
  2. Remove poppet and spring from cap on hydraulic valve.
  3. Remove four (4) cap screws and housing cap from hydraulic valve.

Installation of Cylinder

  1. Remove seal ring from cylinder. 
  2. Remove piston assembly from cylinder body.  Note: the snap ring does NOT need to be removed.
  3. Remove setscrew from piston assembly using a ¼” hex wrench.
  4. Grease and slide seal ring over the hydraulic valve spool placing the flat face of the ring closest to the valve body.
  5. Slide piston assembly over valve spool with spring assembly closest to valve body.  Attach with setscrew through the hole in the valve spool.
  6. Grease the o-rings.
  7. Slide cylinder body over assembly, secure it to the valve using cap screws provided.  Torque cap screws to 10-15 lbs.