Installation Instructions for Permco Dump-Pump Factory Air-Shift

Air-Shift assembly: 997-00863

  1. Remove piston assembly from cover.
  2. Ensure that o’ring 1* is in place
  3. Use grease to hold gasket 10* in position on valve body. (small hole)
  4. Use grease to hold  plate 11* in position on gasket.
  5. Use grease to hold gasket 12* in position on plate. (large hole)
  6. Apply a small bead of loctite thread locker to end of piston assembly where show.
  7. Hold the piston assembly (pre-assembled) and screw the end of the piston assembly into the end of the valve spool.
  8. Use a 5/16-inch allen wrench on the piston assembly to tighten 9*.  Hold the other end of the valve spool while tightening.  This may be done by placing a screw driver through the eye-hole on the neutral lock-out spool. note- very little torque is needed.
  9. Slip the cover 4* over the complete shift assembly.  Insert the two 5/16” x 4” cap screws through the mounting holes on the cover and tighten evenly.
  10. Apply air pressure (min. 75 PSI) to the cylinder ports and check for air leaks.  Ensure the air shifter mechanism moves freely.

*refer to item in drawing

note: 997-00863 Assembly does not include the valve spool.