Overview of Add-A-Pump Covers

  • Add-A-Pump unit is used when a wide range of flow and pressure options are needed and/or when segregated flows between pumping sections is required
  • Common to some of our Roller Bearing and Bushing Pump Series
  • Connect any type of hydraulic pump manufactured as long as it has the standard configuration of a SAE pattern (shaft and shaft end cover)

Common Applications

  • Where a range of output flows and pressures are not within conventional multiple pump capabilities
  • Example: P360 with an Add-A-Pump Port End Cover could be mounted to a small piston pump mating the piston pumps output shaft to the P360's.

Assembly Considerations

  • Can consist of special one piece construction Port End Cover and special connecting shaft designed to accept either a SAE-A-2-Bolt or SAE-B-2-Bolt mating flange with an SAE-A-Spline or SAE-B-Spline output shaft depending on series (2 B is only available in P257 and P360)
  • Entire input torque is fed through the drive shaft and should not exceed the drive shaft PL factor
  • Consists of Port End Cover for the front unit and Shaft End Cover for the rear unit mated together with a special connecting shaft.
  • Can be configured for CW, CCW, and Bi-Rotational