Overview of Piggyback Units

  • Piggyback units are used when a wide range of flow options are needed and/or when segregated flows between pumping sections is required.
  • Most common in our Roller Bearing Series
  • Combine separate hydraulic pumps on one common drive shaft
  • Fluid from separate reservoirs, as well as different types of fluids can be used without intermixing
  • Provides a greater range of pump output flows by allowing the pumping sections to be sized for optimum efficiency

Common Applications

  • Main hydraulic and steering systems where pump output flows have a wide variance
  • Use with two reservoirs or a reservoir and a sump require separation of pumped fluids

Assembly Considerations

  • Consist of special piggyback Port End Cover for the front section and a special piggyback Shaft End Cover for the rear section and a special connecting shaft are mated together to form the unit
  • Port End Cover and Shaft End Cover both have shaft type lip seals that keep fluids segregated
  • Can be configured CW, CCW or Bi-Rotation